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MRU-56V    VINTAGE Collection Reed Diffuser


Beautiful fragrance from the earth colored ceramic

The earth color make an impression of individuality but it also provide a good balance of earth-toned ceramic and the design of rust and nice touched unevenly colors. This unique designed ceramic and the healing fragrance will be perfect as a point of interior accessories in your room.


Earth-toned ceramic

It is unique design but also has the calm feelings with soft-toned earth colors.

Antique designs

The ceramic has deep impressions by the antique design. It will help you to create fashionable antique style room that you just display it.

Favorite fragrance for a long time

The aroma oil runs for 3-4 months starting from you opened, so you can enjoy your life always with the favorite fragrance.

New role of the bottle

The bottle is well designed for that you can use as vase or interior accessories after you use as reed diffuser.

CL(Clear air)

Feminine and sweet fruity fragrance makes clear air. It smells softly, and you may be not forget the fresh fragrance.

BA(Black amber)

Black amber is a stone which has unique and beautiful glosses and it is the sign of highest quality. As its name suggests that the fragrance is rich and elegant .
*Product photo is just reference. Please use it with a ceramic plate.


Model Number
Product Name
VINTAGE Collection Reed Diffuser
Bottle/Plate : Ceramic, Fragrance bottle : PET, Reed : Cotton
Set Contents
Ceramic bottle, Fragrance bottle, Reed x 8, Plate
-CL(Clear air):4944370021776
-BA(Black amber):4944370021769
710 g
125 × 125 × 260 mm
*Reeds aren't included in the weight size.
Reed length[Approx.]
Perfumed term[Approx.]
Up to 3-4months
Main ingredient
DPM, Aroma chemical
BA : Black amber
CL : Clear air

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